Showcased projects

Whether it's a newsgame, VR or comics - powerful storytelling is at the core of our funding

  • De Volkskrant will report on food corridors as a solution to fight poverty and hunger in Africa, by way of approaching the topic from a sociological, economic, environmental as well as a political perspective.

  • CNN will present critical issues of gender equality and women’s health and well being in the world's least developed countries as more than just sets of overwhelming and academic statistics from far away places.

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung will have a comparative and frequent view of two villages, one in Germany and another in a developing country, on their challenging race to increase food production.

  • Society will look at development issues through the lens of the jobs of exemplary individuals in some of the least developed countries, as well as into the wider framework conditions under which these jobs take place.

  • VPRO Metropolis will engage their audience with an international network of local reporters through global and yet individual and bespoke everyday stories of people living in the world’s least developed countries.

  • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism will investigate how the growth of drug-resistant infections can threaten strong and resilient health systems, reporting from some of the world’s poorest and wealthiest countries.

  • ELLE UK will produce ground-breaking multimedia feature stories on women’s rights and gender equality, with a particular focus on local “heroines”, women finding solutions to everyday problems in their communities.

  • An interactive multimedia microsite to discover the topic of water from unexpected angles

  • An online crash course in the Global Goals that shape the world (or don't).

  • SDG 17, looking at the actors and their responsibilities and not just the individual goals.

  • A data-driven website telling constructive stories about how to enable and foster sustainable development.