Vaccine for the World


“Vaccine for the World” explores the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout, a story told through journalistic exchanges with six of Africa’s LDCs that highlights the the role of London's scientists and thought leaders in the response

  • €112,500 Budget in Euros
  • 2022 Final release date
  • 4 Round winner
  • 15 Locations
  • 12 Durations in months

Vaccine for the World is conceptualised as an in depth focus on the need for a global approach to eradicating the pandemic. It will take the form of a series of high impact, visually powerful reports that engage our audiences on a number of levels. Through long form journalism, video storytelling, infographics and imaginative social activations the project will tell the stories of communities as they combat Covid-19, in six of Africa’s Least Developed Countries, employing journalists who live and work there.

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