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The Daily Mirror’s (United Kingdom) “NextGen International” project will empower school children in six global locations to tell the story of how the climate emergency is affecting their lives.

  • €113,750 Budget in Euros
  • 2022 Final release date
  • 4 Round winner
  • 8 Locations

NextGen International is empowering young people in six global locations to tell the story of how the climate emergency is affecting their lives.

They are reporting on how the crisis is creating poverty, hunger, sickness and challenges to education and equality, as well as forcing people to leave their homes and become refugees.

Each child’s locations represent a different climate threat from drought to flooding, rising sea levels to extreme weather.

They also represent the story of one of the Sustainable Development Goals – poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation.

Children are supported in each location with safeguarding via schools, NGOs and communities.

They will keep video diaries and tell stories recorded by our journalists in different ways and broadcast via social media.

All stories prioritise the lived experience of the people involved and grow skills in the host communities.

Our locations are: The Amazon (Brazil and Ecuador), Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Mongolia and The Solomon Islands.

We also began working with teenagers in Kabul, Afghanistan. Midway through the project in August, Kabul fell to the Taliban and it was no longer safe for the young people to continue.

We have secured media partnerships with charities who will be assisting us in each country with the project. They are:

Save the Children - Nepal, the Solomon Islands, Nigeria

Raleigh International - Mongolia, Nicaragua

Fridays for Future & Hivos - Brazil, Ecuador

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