Rhian Lubin

United Kingdom


I'm a 29-year-old journalist and have been working for the Daily Mirror since 2014.

Formerly a feature writer for the paper, I am now dedicated to our NextGen project full time, alongside editorial assistant Helen Packer and reporting to Assistant Editor of the paper, Jason Beattie.

In my four years as a feature writer, I've carved a niche for myself writing environmental features, including a dispatch to Ghana to report on the climate front lines.

I helped produce a special green edition of the newspaper in 2019 and went on national and regional radio in the UK to promote it.

Alongside Helen, I am thrilled to get going on this new climate crisis project, where we will be giving young people around the world a voice on what is the most pressing issue of our time.

Funded project

NextGen International

The Daily Mirror’s (United Kingdom) “NextGen International” project will empower school children in six global locations to tell the story of how the climate emergency is affecting their lives.