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The vpro is an independent media organisation, tracing its public broadcast heritage all the way back to 1926. Through the decades it has continued to reinvent itself, thus remaining relevant to many different audiences within a constantly changing society. The vpro has built a global reputation for exploring issues that matter and building audiences in new and avant-garde ways. The VPRO is part of the Dutch public broadcasting system and operates in various media, producing radio and television programs. Across countries, the vpro is widely recognised as a media pioneer. Our creative teams explore what's happening at the edges of society, chase innovation and contribute to the public discourse. The broadcasting corporation responds to specific interests with four non-stop theme channels. The website www.vpro.nl is progressive in terms of technology and more in depth in terms of content, and is updated daily. Global citizenship and creativity are core values at the vpro.

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VPRO Metropolis will engage their audience with an international network of local reporters through global and yet individual and bespoke everyday stories of people living in the world’s least developed countries.