Dagens Nyheter



Dagens Nyheter, abbreviated DN, is Sweden’s leading newspaper and known for its agenda-setting profile. The newspaper has more than 700,000 daily readers and the online edition DN.se has about 1.5 million readers each week. DN is part of Bonnier AB, a major media group in northern Europe. The newspaper is independent of political parties, companies or organisations. Their objective is to produce a quality newspaper with broad appeal that functions as the most important social and democratic civic arena in Sweden. The aim is that DN will reflect the diversity of life and society, provide orientation, contribute explanations, values and orientation, and provide valuable tools, more than any other newspaper. The idea is that people, no matter what social background they come from, should be informed and able to participate in debate on important social issues.

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SDG 17, looking at the actors and their responsibilities and not just the individual goals.