Folha de São Paulo



Founded in 1921, Folha has been, since the 80s, the best-selling newspaper in Brazil. The growth was based on the editorial principles of the Folha Project: pluralism, non-partisanship, critical journalism and independence. Organised in daily thematic sections and supplements, it has a national circulation. It was the first communications vehicle in Brazil to adopt the role of ombudsman and to offer online content to its readers. In 1995, the online version of the newspaper, initially with the name Folha Online, became the first real-time newspaper in Portuguese. Its purpose is the creation, production and development of online journalistic content, in addition to services, with emphasis on interactivity. Today, it publishes about 500 articles per day. Its commitment is to produce content on the internet with the same quality as Folha, following the editorial principles adopted by the newspaper: pluralism, non-partisanship, critical and independent journalism. With 19 news sections freely accessible on the internet, counts 17 million unique visitors and 173 million page views per month.

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